Sailplan project Jan 7th update

The team at Escale Rigging is making progress on the sailplan changes and the UpsideUp install. Here’s some video I took today showing the work done so far. I forgot to mention the new anchor, but you can see it in the video under the trampoline.

3 thoughts on “Sailplan project Jan 7th update

  1. Doug,
    excellent thoughts and actions you are taking to improve Wildling.
    There is some extensive research and knowledge by the looks.
    I hope you are passing those on to Outremer. They would profit from your experience.

    Daniel Zander

  2. Hi Doug, thanks for putting all this amount of info for all to see. A few recommendations, get a good label maker, you have a lot of power winch buttons that can easily damage sails if used at the wrong time, your MOB button is nice but not labeled (could be costly if MOB deploys by someone pushing the button to see what happens) Make sure they put windows in your jib to see your leeward tell tales

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