Sailing to Tunisia video

Here’s some video I took during our trip along the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia on the way to Tunisia. The first part of the video is with winds behind around 20 knots, and in the 2nd part we are sailing at 45 degrees upwind in winds around 7-8 knots with the Code-0. You can see from the instruments how well we do upwind in light conditions on Wildling. We can usually manage to sail about 0.5 knots under the true wind speed.

4 thoughts on “Sailing to Tunisia video

  1. Hi Doug

    Can you please repost your video without music. The actual version is forbidden in Germany because of the musicrights.



    Von unterwegs gesendet.


    • Hi Felix, thanks for letting me know! I’ll take down the version with music and replace it. I’ll update the link in the blog as soon as the replacement video is uploaded to Youtube.


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