Propeller Replacement Video

This is a video I took in May 2016 when we craned Wildling out of the water to remove the EWOL propellers that were the wrong size for our 5X and causing a huge vibration. We re-installed the original Volvo folding props, and fixed a rudder alignment problem during the liftout. We found the cause of the vibration is that the blade edges were too close to the hull surface, which creates a lot of turbulence and cavitation.  EWOL is working with Outremer to try and find the correct propeller match for the 5X. Until then, we will continue to use our Volvo propellers.

4 thoughts on “Propeller Replacement Video

  1. Hi Doug. Really interesting. The other prop blades were very close to the hull. Least not you are aware of the minimum clearances. Good to see anther update. Roy.

  2. Hi Doug, I have been reading your posts with interest, manythanks for keeping us updated on all your projects and experiences. We have recently purchased an Outremer 45, built in 2015, formerly ‘El Nido’, now ‘Vassiliki’, and we have spent the last 3 weeks cruising. Wonderful boat, could not be happier but for one thing. I seem to have the same experience you had in that when motoring the boat seems slow. I do 5-5.5 knots on one engine at 80% RPM’s and 6-6.5 knots of two engines. When using two engines I burn some 6-8 liters of diesel per hour. I have the standard 30HP Volvo’s, with the standard Volvo sail drive and propellers. However, changing the propellers seems such a momentuous task, so before I even start thinking about that could I pick your brain? I’d like to understand how you came to the conclusion that in your case the propellers were the issue, how you made the choice for the EWOL’s and what your results are both in speed and fuel economy? I would very much appreciate your input! Many thanks in adance, Kind regards, Adriaan Oosthoek

    • Hi Adriaan,

      Thanks for your feedback! Figuring out the slow motoring speed issues on Outremer catamarans is still an open issue, I have not been able to find a solution to this. Since our engines were working perfectly and out hulls and propeller blades were clean and new, the only possibility left was to try replacing the propellers themselves. I attempted to do this, but the result was not good. The new EWOL propellers were noticeably faster but had a massive vibration, this was determined to be due to the insufficient clearance between the EWOL blade tips and the hull. I had to remove the EWOL props and reinstall the Volvo propellers. We continue to experience very slow motoring and I don’t have a solution from Outremer or Volvo to fix the issue.

      The reason we selected EWOL was that they had good success on a similar sized catamaran as the 5X and they had developed a model specifically for catamarans. I was not happy with their product though. Aside from the vibration, they would sometimes fail to feather closed, causing significant drag and reduction in speed under sail. I can live with slow motoring speeds, but I can’t accept any performance reduction under sail, so we removed the EWOL props.

      If you do try a different propeller model on your 45, I would recommend you use a folding prop rather than a feathering model. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, but good luck in your quest, and please keep me posted if you learn anything that might help other Outremer owners. It really is a big negative on an otherwise excellent boat.


      • Many thanks for your quick reply Doug, albeit disappointing in content:( Much have been a huge disappointment going though all that hassle just to have to put the old ones back. I will try and go over the same ground you must have gone over and see if I can some up with anything different. If I do I will most definitely let you know! Kind regards, Adriaan

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