Propeller Replacement Video

This is a video I took in May 2016 when we craned Wildling out of the water to remove the EWOL propellers that were the wrong size for our 5X and causing a huge vibration. We re-installed the original Volvo folding props, and fixed a rudder alignment problem during the liftout. We found the cause of the vibration is that the blade edges were too close to the hull surface, which creates a lot of turbulence and cavitation.  EWOL is working with Outremer to try and find the correct propeller match for the 5X. Until then, we will continue to use our Volvo propellers.

One Comment on “Propeller Replacement Video

  1. Hi Doug. Really interesting. The other prop blades were very close to the hull. Least not you are aware of the minimum clearances. Good to see anther update. Roy.

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