Calvi, Corsica

Arriving in Corsica

We arrived in Calvi just after 21h00 and anchored in crystal clear water with a sandy bottom 9m deep. It is incredibly beautiful here! There is a field of mooring bouys on the south side of the bay close to the entrance to the Port of Calvi, but we decided to anchor to the north as there was more room and it was quieter. 

Gavin helping to drop and stow the mainsail

Lindsay getting ready to raise the Corsican flag!

We’re exploring the town of Calvi this morning then will be sailing to the south this afternoon. 

We found a pressure switch in the Accastillage Diffusion chandlery this morning, that I’m hoping I can use to bypass the faulty switch on our seawater pump!

One thought on “Calvi, Corsica

  1. Enjoy ! It was a very good pick to sail there. Corsica is one of the most beautiful islands of Med. With its very strong own culture that saved it from the building frenziness you find on Côte d’Azur. Hope you get the fell of these traditions even though it’s the touristic time. You can try to listen to ‘I Muvrini’, typical local chants. We will be sailing there next summer with our Catana (can’t wait) 🙂

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