Outremer Cup – Day 1

The annual Outremer owners regatta began today in La Grande Motte France, with a friendly prologue event where all the boats went out together for a social sail. We all took along passengers that mostly consisted of people that work at Outremer and their families. We owe these folks a lot for all the care and skill they put into building our boats, and it was a pleasure to be able to go sailing with them!

The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm with about 10 knots of wind. Here are a few photos…


Leaving port

Gavin getting the mainsail ready to hoist

Gavin getting the mainsail ready to hoist

Off we go!

Off we go!





A fleet of Outremers beautiful!

A fleet of Outremers, beautiful!

Robin and me loving being back on Wildling again!

Me and Robin loving being back on Wildling again!



Thanks everyone who came out with us today on Wildling!

Thanks everyone who came sailing with us today on Wildling!

3 Comments on “Outremer Cup – Day 1

  1. Seems to be more clouds In the next few days.

    And more wind too.

    We ´ll meet tomorrow with pleasure

    I come from Pornic, near Nantes.

    Your blog is very interesting !!

  2. Beautiful pics of the sisters sailing together! What a thrill. I bet you were proud of her.

  3. Hi Doug and Robin. I think you are making me jealous. Hope you do well in the upcoming events. Blessings. Roy.

    *Roy Fogarty. *

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