Back to France

We’re on our way back to France! Our first stop is La Grande Motte, to get back to Wildling and catch the International Multihull Boat Show for a couple of days. I have a work assignment in Europe for a while, so we decided to enroll Gavin and Lindsay at the International School in Aix-En-Provence so they can continue their studies, and improve their French while we are staying in Europe.

April also marks the beginning of the sailing season in the Med, and we are very much looking forward to doing a lot of sailing this year. I’ll post more info on our travels as we go along. We will be starting things off with the Outremer Cup, which is being held in La Grande Motte on May 6-8. François Trégouet from Outremer has agreed to skipper Wildling for us, as I am no racing sailor, and he has a lot of ocean racing experience. We also have some room on Wildling if any of our blog readers will be in the area and would like to come along. Please contact me and I’ll see what I can arrange.

Stéphane from Outremer is currently bringing Wildling back from Canet-En-Rousillon where she was hauled out to have new bottom paint applied, and to have the annual saildrive service done. They also installed the new EWOL propellers that I wrote about in this post, and I am anxious to find out if the EWOL props will give us some improvement in motoring and sailing performance. Wildling should be back home again by the time we arrive on Tuesday morning.

6 thoughts on “Back to France

  1. Hi Doug
    We will probably bump into you. Tracey will be there on the 22rd were she is doing a three day all women sailing course with The Grand Large. Then i will arrive on the 1st May. We wont be doing the cup this year but heading off to Spain and the Balearic’s, Sardinia, Italy. Hope to see you.

  2. All sounds very exciting. Cant’s wait to hear and see all that is happening. If I get over there will contact you and Robin. Safe travels.

  3. Aloha Doug,

    Congrats on your move to France! Sea Child will be put away in Greece the beginning of May. If it works out we would love to join your race! It’d be fun to do 🙂 let us know if you still need crew! We would fly into Marseille from Athens on our way back to USA. All the best to you, Robin, Gav & Lindz.

    Eric & Tamara
    Currently off Dolphin Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

    • Hi Eric and Tamara,

      Wow, that’s a great plan! We sure do have room, and we would love to see you and have you come sailing with us!


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