2 thoughts on “Engine Check Video

  1. Hi Doug,
    Great videos and posts, that teach me a lot as I am turning with immense pleasure into cats after swearing for years monohulls are the only way to sail …
    One can see Outremer work is really neat.
    One question : what is the silver throttle above the engine control panel for ?
    Wish you a lot of good moments enjoying the huge possibilities of Sailwildling.

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your feedback, and I’m glad you liked the videos! I was pretty hard core into monos for a long time too, but I switched to multis when we decided to do long distance cruising, there’s just no better platform for that than a catamaran. I still enjoy sailing monohulls, in fact, I pretty much enjoy sailing anything with a sail on it, but there’s no way I would switch back to monos for cruising.

      The silver lever that you asked about, is to engage the tiller helms. Outremer has a feature, where you can disengage the wheel helms and steer using the tillers. I must admit, that I haven’t used this much, but it’s a nice feature, particularly when the water is reasonably flat, and the tillers also make a good emergency steering system if the wheel helms ever failed.

      Best regards,

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