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  1. Hi Doug,
    Thank you very much. Just beginning to develop an interest in owning a Catamaran and this has answered many of the questions I had about engine room equipment. Great boat by the way.

  2. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the tour, really helpful. Question regarding the water maker, what is the brand and was this a factory installed system? And as long as we are talking systems, what does Wildling have in regards to air conditioning/heat and why did you choose what ever option you selected?


  3. Hi Gary,

    The watermaker is a Dessalator:

    There were two reasons I chose Dessalator. The first is their simple and robust design compared with the Spectra system we had on our last boat. The Spectra was very complex, required a lot of maintenance, and wasn’t very reliable. I think the Dessalator design is much better, and it is certainly much easier to use and maintain. The 2nd reason is that Outremer has installed a large number of Dessalator systems over many years with excellent results. It was factory installed by Outremer during the build.

    The air conditioning is from Cruisair:

    I wanted a modular system (not a central chilled water system) so we could run just one or two zones at a time as needed. It also needed to be as light as possible, and energy efficient, since we don’t have a generator. Cruisair makes the best system I could find that meets these criteria.


  4. Hi Doug,

    Many thanks for your very informative videos! I really enjoy them, keep up the good work. And what a fantastic boat this, enjoy!

    Kind regards,

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