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Back home to La Grande Motte

We had an easy overnight passage from Canet en Rousillon to La Grande Motte to end our Balearic Islands voyage. After filling up our diesel tanks, we met with Stephane from Outremer and looked at the damage to the sailbag and discussed the boom attachment concerns. He is going to work on both issues, and a few other minor items that came up during the voyage. Once we had everything scheduled with Stephane we cleaned up Wildling and started our long journey back home to Brisbane.

Leaving the protection of Port de Roses before tackling the 30 to 40 knot winds around the cape

In the lee of the cape

This voyage was a bit ambitious, we had almost 1,000 nautical miles to cover, late in the Med sailing season, and we only had 2 weeks to do it. We knew there would be a lot of overnight passages and the potential for bad weather was high, and this was also the first time we had sailed offshore with my parents (Meg and Greg), so I was a bit nervous about it.

Meg was a bit seasick the first couple of days, but recovered quickly and had no problems at all the rest of the voyage and was even taking solo night watches by the end. Greg had a bit more experience having done a Brisbane to Gladstone race with us on our last boat, so I knew he would do fine, and he certainly did. He took all of the 4am to 8am watches (thanks Dad!), and was a huge help to me with the sail changes and maneuvers throughout the voyage. They both loved the rough conditions and were a huge help to Robin and I the whole way.

Some highs and lows from our Balearic Islands Voyage

Now we are back home (well almost, we’re waiting for our final flight connection as I write this) I thought it would be good to list a few highs and lows from the trip.

The Lows

The Highs

Our Balearic Voyage is over, and while it wasn’t exactly calm, easy cruising, it was a great experience and the type of adventure that I have only found by getting out on the open sea and dealing with whatever comes along in the process! It’s the best way I know of connecting with nature and the wild, and it always results in memories that will last a lifetime. I’m so happy that I had the chance to share this with my parents and my wonderful family!

Wildling will be staying in La Grande Motte over the winter and we will start working on our plans for the 2016 Mediterranean sailing season that begins in April.

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