Port Ibiza to San Antonio Ibiza

We left the marina in the main port of Ibiza yesterday and sailed around to the western side of the island to Puerto de San Antonio. There is a nice protected anchorage here where we stayed last night.

The big drama yesterday was that I discovered a lock nut lying on the deck after we had finished sailing. It turned out it came from the pin that secures the boom to the mast. The pin was almost completely pulled out so we were about to have the boom disconnect under sail, which would have been a disaster!!!! It took us a couple of hours and the creative use of winches and lines to align the boom attachment fitting so that we could reinsert the pin and put the locknut back on. Everything is OK now, but this is a very flimsy design and in my opinion completely inappropriate for this boat. I will post photos as soon as we have WiFi access again.

Today we are sailing from Ibiza over to Barcelona. About 140 miles, so we should arrive early tomorrow morning.

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