Wildling Test Sail Video

Here’s some video I took of my first time sailing Wildling in La Grande-Motte. We had perfect conditions with winds 15 to 20 knots, and gusts over 30 knots. Flat water so we could keep a full main and jib and really open her up. Max speed (beam reach with no surfing involved) was 19.8 knots.

I hope the video gives some sense of how smooth, safe and fast it feels aboard Wildling.

I uploaded this to YouTube in true HD, so if you have the bandwidth it’s really great to watch in High Def. Select 1080p quality in the YouTube player settings.

6 thoughts on “Wildling Test Sail Video

  1. Thank you Doug and congratulations on this absolutely wonderful and useful Blog you have here! Tons of useful information, experiences and thoughts. It shows the many hours you dedicate to your site, how much you like sailing and love Wildling.
    That being said, I was hoping to see the video of your 5X sailing at 19 knots…!

    • Hi George, thanks for the kind words. I apologize for not getting sailing at 19+ knots on film, we hit that speed on the first part of the test sail, and I was having so much fun, I forgot to grab the camera. I’ll take video sailing at 20 knots as soon as the conditions allow and post a new video.

  2. Once again thanks for a great blog. I´m looking to get myself an Outremer Cat but it will probably be the 51 rather than 5x which I feel is a bit too large. Did you look at the 51 as well and if you did what made you go for 5x rather than the 51 which would have been closer in size to your old Catana 47?

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