La Grande Motte to Port du Frioul

We had a nice 60 mile passage from La Grande Motte yesterday. We arrived at Port du Frioul, which is at a small island just across from Marseille. Wind was 10 to 15 knots from the NW for the first half of the trip, and we were sailing at 7 to 10 knots with full main and jib. The wind dropped in the afternoon until it died completely about 2 miles out of Marseille, so we had to motor the last part of the trip. Because we arrived late in the afternoon, we didn’t have time to try and find a place at the Port in Marseille, so we went to Frioul instead and tied up at the welcome dock for the night. We’re going to take the water taxi over to Marseille this morning and see if they have room for us at the port.

Docked at the Port du Frioul, you can see Marseille in the background

Docked at the Port du Frioul, you can see Marseille in the background

Wildling did real well on the trip. We had wind off the beam at the start, which was real nice, but then it swung to dead astern, so we jibed back and forth for the second half of the voyage. Jibing Wildling is very easy, and can be done single handed no problem also.

The only issue we had on the trip was the B&G wind instruments locked up twice which froze the wind speed and direction at 0 knots and 0 degrees. I had to shut off the power to the instruments and then turn them back on again and they restarted working properly. The second time it happened I was using Wind mode on the Autopilot, and when the instruments froze the pilot tried to correct for the sudden change from 160 degrees true wind direction to 0 degrees, I couldn’t get to the helm in time and the pilot jibed us. Luckily the wind was very light, so no harm done, but I will not be able to use Wind mode on the pilot unsupervised if this problem continues.

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