Construction Update #12

A lot more progress for this update. The interior cabinetry is coming along well, and the longitudinal beam between the hulls has been installed. The fairing work that covers the joins between the molded sections is also being done.

This week I received the documentation from Outremer I need to complete the registration process with  Australian Shipping, which will give Wildling Australian nationality on the high seas. The application documents are on their way to the registration office in Canberra.


Fairing the seam that joins the two hull sections at the transom. You can see one of the structural brackets that holds the davit poles.

Working in the port engine room.

Working in the port engine room.


Cabinet at the port, aft side of the salon ready for the refrigerator to be installed.


The frame for the settee is almost complete.


Fwd salon, starboard side chart table.


Looking forward from the cockpit into the salon


Chart table and cabinet where the oven will be installed on the right of the photo.


Entry to stbd companionway.


Installing the ceiling hatch in Lindsay’s cabin (Starboard aft)



Gavin’s cabin – Starboard forward.


Entry to Gavin’s cabin.


Master bathroom – Port forward.


Master bathroom and shower door, behind the light.


Freezer being installed in the port companionway cabinets.


Port companionway shelves and hanging locker. The person at the end of the companionway is inside the shower compartment.


Longitudinal beam installed. We needed to get a more robust version of this beam as an option to handle the additional loading from our sailplan. You can see the attachment points on the beam for the jib (forward) and the storm staysail (aft).


Longitudinal beam and foredeck. The sail attachment point in this photo is for the staysail.


Connection point for horizontal beam, longitudinal beam and bowsprit. You can also see the bow roller for the anchor and the attachment point for the jib.

Window panel installed and sealed.

Window panel installed and sealed.


This photo gives a good view of the connection arrangement between the longitudinal beam and the horizontal beam.

View looking at front edge of the port hull. The knife edge design cuts through the water with very little drag.

The front edge of the port hull. The knife edge shape cuts through the water with very little drag.

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