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Construction Update #10

A lot more progress this week! Work continues on the interior fitout. The hull to deck joint has been bonded and fiber-glassed inside and outside and the outside joint fairing has begun. Some of the hatches are installed and work has begun on installation of the lifelines and deck fittings*.

It’s also becoming clearer from the photos over time, just how much work is involved in building one of these boats. Many thousands of labor hours go into each finished boat, which also explains why they cost what they do.

*Deck fittings include all the equipment for handling the sails. The French word for deck fittings is accastillage, which sounds much better than plain old deck fitting.

Starboard aft showing hatch and opening into Lindsay’s cabin and deck opening into the engine room. You can also see the fairing work in progress on the hull to deck join

Cockpit and salon roof with hatches installed

Port side of the cockpit with hatch open in master cabin roof. Stanchions and lifelines have also been installed along the deck

Salon forward bulkhead. Lithium batteries and air conditioning units in place

24VDC electrical distribution panel in salon

Salon roof and windows. You can see the inside attachment bolts for the jib track

This view also shows the mounting bolts for the winch mounted beside the mast base

Master cabin

Master cabin closet

Companionway showing inside attachment of the chainplate, which is the attachment point for the stay that holds up the mast

Hull to deck joint is now glassed over

Chainplate on the other side

Gavin’s cabin – starboard forward

Lindsay’s cabin – starboard aft

Starboard bathroom

Self tacking jib traveler track

Jib track and winch. This winch handles headsail halyards and leech reef lines.

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