Construction update #5

Things are moving along nicely. The construction schedule has Wildling going into the water at the end of April, and then another 7 weeks of finish work before delivery.

A HUGE thank you to Matthieu at Outremer for keeping us updated via these photos. I’m going to find out what his favorite wine is so I can bring him a case on my next visit!


Continuing the hand layup of the deck section in the mold. It’s a bit hard to see what’s going on here because we’re looking at the inside surface of an upside-down deck. The whole thing will get flipped over and then attached to the top of the hulls


A closer look at the salon roof layup. This is being done in carbon fiber (the black material) to reduce weight


I asked Matthieu to take some pictures of the deck and roof layup so I could see how they are applying the carbon. Thanks Matthieu!


Looking at the cockpit (foreground) and into the salon through the doorway. The furniture on each side of the cockpit are the aft cabin cupboards


Furniture fitout in Lindsay’s cabin (starboard aft)


Bathroom in starboard hull


Gavin’s cabin (starboard forward)


Entry to Lindsay’s cabin


Lindsay’s cabin – starboard aft


Entry to Lindsay’s cabin


Master bathroom – Port forward


Port companionway and office desk


Forward bulkhead in salon with electrical distribution being fitted


Forward bulkhead in salon – showing electrical wiring behind the nav station (chart table)


Starboard side of the salon. Oven cabinet on the right


Wiring being installed in the master cabin (port aft)


Master cabin


A closer view of Lindsay’s cabin

5 Comments on “Construction update #5

  1. This is so very exciting. I can’t wait to see the next step in photos.

  2. So sweet comments… Thanks ! (But I’m so ignorant about Australian wines I couldn’t pick one 😉

    • Hey, that’s no problem! With all the great wineries in your region, there’s no reason to look elsewhere, but I’m sure I can find a few good ones to send over for you to try!

  3. Great blog entries. Best marketing for Outremer. Convinces me, to not look any further.

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