Updates to Ground Tackle Post

A big thanks to Ksenia and Maurice for pointing out some errors in my recent Ground Tackle post. I had identified the anchor we were selecting on Wildling as a Delta, which is incorrect. It is in fact a Spade. I’ve corrected the post and added some anchor comparison test data at the end, to help explain the differences between the various anchor options.

Maurice explained some of their challenges with the Delta anchor they have on their Catana 472 catamaran in a recent email he sent me, an excerpt of which I am including below. (I hope you don’t mind Maurice!)

— We have a Delta 25kg on our 472.  I’ve not been at all happy with the anchor. We’ve had too many instances where setting the anchor takes 2-3-4 attempts … sometimes more… to get a solid hook. We’ve also had the bad experience twice of breaking free after several hours’ worth of moderate wind/chop. It’s worth mentioning that our setup is nearly identical to what you’ve outlined in your post (50m of chain, plus another 90m of rode). —

The updated post with additional performance data is located here

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