Wildling construction update and photos

Work is progressing on the construction of Wildling. With pretty much all the design decisions made, the Outremer team is now busy with construction, and things are progressing well.

Click on the photos to see full sized versions.

Port hull and bridgedeck with floor and bunk bulkheads installed

Port hull and bridgedeck with floor and bunk bulkheads installed. You can see the forward section of the hull at the top of the photo.

Notice how the two bulkheads at the bottom left of the photo span the full width of the hull. These form the supports for the aft cabin bunk. Some catamarans have what is known as an “island” bed, where you can walk on either side of the bed, which makes it easier to get in and out. Outremer does not do this, because it sacrifices strength and rigidity. Instead they use a full width section. This is one of a number of techniques Outremer uses to eliminate squeaks or creaks coming from the interior joints and furniture and it really works well. You notice it immediately when you sail on a 5X, everything is silent!

Starboard hull and bulkheads installed

Starboard hull with bulkheads installed – Notice the change in construction method from full fiberglass laminate below the floor level to give maximum impact resistance underwater, and foam core sandwich construction above the waterline to provide high strength and reduced weight.

Vacuum bagging the forward carbon fiber bulkhead

Vacuum bagging the forward carbon fiber bulkhead

Bridgedeck section which forms the salon floor, with forward carbon fiber bulkhead installed

Bridgedeck section which forms the salon floor, with forward carbon fiber bulkhead installed.

Laying out the upper section of the aft bulkhead

Laying out the aft bulkhead

Upper section of aft bulkhead in carbon fiber ready to be installed in the boat

Completing the carbon fiber layup of the aft bulkhead

7 Comments on “Wildling construction update and photos

  1. It’s brilliant watching it all happen. We’ll know your boat so well by the time construction is completed. Thanks for allowing us to share your journey!

    • It is super awesome Dad thank you so much! I’m so greatful that I can’t even put my thanks into words!

      • Thanks Linz, I can’t wait for Wildling to be ready, so we can go sailing together!

      • I love you so much Dad!!!! šŸ™‚ I’m counting down the days till we can sail together! I’m so excited! šŸ˜‰

  2. These progress photos are fantastic. Did you request them or are they automatically sent as part of the process. I love the reduction/elimination of squeaks. Nothing more frustrating than a squeak you can’t find or remove. Loving the journey.

    • One of the guys at the factory sent me the photos. I didn’t ask them for them, but they are really great about keeping me informed about what’s happening. There have also been a few cases where they have looked at the options list and said, “Hey Doug, we think you might like this or that feature, but you didn’t select it.” Which I really appreciate. They are very committed to building us a boat that we will really love.

  3. Great reading about the decision processes and the construction progress and details. This will be a very sweet vessel.

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